Black Friday’s Shopping List: Dog Toys

Black Friday’s Shopping List: Dog Toys

What dog toys should you buy your pal for the holiday season? We recently contacted our friends at Pet Place Plus for some suggestions on popular pet toys. Since Black Friday is coming up tomorrow, we thought it was crucial to get this information out just in the knick of time.

Pet Place Plus recommends two toy brands, Kong and Fluff N Tuff. These two brands sell the most in the shop and are high quality dog toys. They are made with more durable materials and thus last toys

Kong has a wide assortment of toys for various sized dogs. Kong knots are cute little stuffed animals that have a tough weaved rope as a body and would be perfect for a new puppy or dog that likes to chew. They have a wide assortment of plush toys, anything from ladybugs to “Bendeez” frogs. They also have a great toy called a Wubba that is perfect for those dogs that like to play tug.

Fluff N Tuff is a popular brand of doggy stuffed animals made a family run business in Michigan. These plush toys are made with a heavy liner to prevent breakage, embroidered eyes for safety, and are filled with a non-toxic poly fill. They are machine washable and dogs adore them!

So if you have time in your busy shopping day tomorrow, it will be well worth your while to stop into Pet Place Plus and check out these two brands of dog toys. Your dog will thank you for it!