Choosing the Right Dog Food

What’s in your dog food?

dog foodWow! We just read an article from a blog by Jan Rasmusen where she gives us the 411 on common foods consumed by your dogs. We thought we would share some things to look out for next time you are purchasing pet food.

Be on the lookout for highly proceed “meal” in dog food.  Always check the ingredients for fresh, minimally processed ingredients. Jan suggests that fresh food is the healthiest.

Dry pet food is no substitute for a regular teeth brushing. While dry dog food is touted as a great way to clean your dog’s teeth, you should still keep a regular teeth brushing in your schedule for your pooch. Jan noted that sometime, dry food is not more effective than canned food for teeth cleaning.

Jan reminds us all to first consider our pet’s health and medical needs before making and changes. Some dogs, don’t like having their food switched up too often, older dogs might need food with special ingredients for joint health and to maintain a healthy weight.

So what are you feeding your dog?